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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

First post

Hello everyone, you're probably reading this because you clicked on the link from www.XRobots.co.uk, or maybe you just stumbled upon this blog...

For any robot people who check my site on a regular basis you'll notice that there haven't been so many robot updates recently. This is because I've been re-decorating a house that I bought in December and that I am moving into shortly with my girlfriend who is relocating approx 140 miles to London at the same time. I've had to refit the kitchen and bathroom from concrete floors / floorboards and bare plaster walls up... all the old stuff had been there 20 years and had to be torn out and thrown away. I still have to paint every other room and do the flooring but the worst is over so there should be time for more robots again soon. Might post some pics of the before/after somewhere...

So, keep checking back for robot updates, I'm still here... just a bit worn out from doing all the house 'mens work' myself.


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